The resurgence of measles in the UK poses a public health concern, signaling potential shortcomings in vaccination coverage. While the East of England boasts high vaccination rates, recent trends indicate a concerning decline in overall vaccination rates nationwide. Factors like vaccine hesitancy and gaps in healthcare infrastructure internationally contribute to this resurgence. Urgent measures, including targeted vaccination campaigns, public awareness initiatives, and strengthening healthcare systems, are important to mitigate the risk, even in regions with higher vaccination rates. Safeguarding the health of the UK population. Vigilance remains crucial to prevent further outbreaks. For further information on the MMR vaccine, please see : MMR Vaccination Information 

If you think you have Measles: 

If you are experiencing both a temperature and a rash, along with one of the following: cold symptoms, cough, or conjunctivitis, we urge you not to visit the surgery. Measles, a highly contagious illness, poses a risk, especially to high-risk individuals. Instead, please contact our reception team on 01986 892055 to schedule a telephone appointment. Your cooperation is essential for the well-being of yourself and others.